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Sabbath Morning Devotion – April 22nd

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A Sabbath Morning Devotional

“Two and a Half Men”

Luke 10:25-37

by Sylvan A. Lashley

Principal, Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy

             Once upon a time, there were two men who had important positions in the State Capitol and both got their transportation ready to attend an important meeting. They set out early that morning for their destinations. The road was broad in places, and then winding in angled corners.  They passed through Robbery Lane, a street corner notorious for drug-trafficking and a criminal presence.

The high official, Bar-Joshua, rounded the bend now, and in the distance he could hear the wailing cry of “thief, thief”, thief”.  He whipped his horse into a frenzy with the flick of his whip, and horse and human cavorted down the winding path, hoping to pass the wails in safety.  Beside the word, protruding, there lay half of a man, or so it seemed, on the roadside, bleeding and in rags.  There was no time to lose—he must get to the Capitol on time to tend to his business. He’d have to let this one pass.  Soon the wailing had died, as horse and mastered proceeded on a more measured pace, far from that madding moment.

            In another short while, Brutus, the other official came by, long-haired and a bit shaggy but an official, nevertheless.  He had been once enslaved and transported across distant oceans to the fair cotton of a land.  He had purchased his freedom and made his way up the corporate ladder.  He rounded the same bend, heard the wailing screams of “thieeef, thieeeef”.  He halted, paused and wondered. He would be late for the meeting.  He stopped the carriage, climbed down, bent over, stooped and cradled the wounded, bleeding man in his strong arms, and took him across to Super 8, paying for his board and lodging and leaving an extra tip at the front desk.  After all, the meeting could wait.

            I began to think that perhaps, in each of us there are two and a half men.  There is the hurried and harried man that rushes around promoting efficiency and order, where things come first. Yet  there is another man of empathy and sympathy, who stoops to conquer by putting people first. 

We all have our “half man”, those issues and problems that bleed and where we need to staunch the flow of blood.  Jesus is on the road to Corporate, but He won’t ever pass us by; He will stop and take our wounded half-man problems into His strong arms.   When Jesus returns the second time, only ONE man will be present.  You guessed which one.

At Adventist schools, we are working down from two and half men, to One Man, mirrored in the image of the man Christ Jesus, for the work of redemption and education are one and the same, indistinguishable and undivided, specific and particular, miraculous and spectacular.

Come to GAAA, the Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy, the object of God’s affection in northwest Atlanta, with its moles and its warts, and yet a storehouse of saving grace. “Two and a Half Men”.  

April Newsletter

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Seniors 2017 Need your Support.. Now

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        This year the Class of 2017 is taking an educational trip to New York. We are so  excited to travel with our friends and classmates from the Greater Atlanta Adventist  Academy and see the amazing sights that New York  has to offer.

        We  know that we are going to learn so much during this trip! To attend, we need to raise $10,000. Would you please help us reach this goal by sponsoring our trip? All contributions are appreciated and bring us closer to New York.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.Sincerely,

Class of 2017

 GoFundMe – GAAA Seniors

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Give us a call at (404)799-0337 regarding your questions, or send us a message on our contact page.

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