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Q. Will we receive class schedules today?

A. No. Class schedules will be online during the week of Monday, August 15, 2016 (after financial clearance).


Q. Will books be distributed today?

A. No. Books will be distributed on the first day of school by the homeroom teachers.


Q. Will locks and lockers be distributed today?

A. No. Locks and lockers will be assigned on the first day of school by the homeroom teachers.


Q. Do you have a student handbook?

A. The handbook is located on our school website at   http://www.gaaaschool.org. Students will be required to sign a handbook notice after the handbook has been reviewed with them (by their teachers) during the first week of school.


Q. What is the best means of communicating with the principal?

A. The best means of communicating is via e-mail (jholliday@gaaaschool.org).

A. Conferences are welcomed, but must be set up through the front office secretary (please contact us at 404-799-0337).   Scheduled conferences are most effective due to allowing undivided attention to the person/s requesting the conference.


Q. Are there any funds available to students attending GAAA for the first time?

A. Yes.  Students who come to us from any of the Seventh-Day Adventist feeder schools will be given a onetime $400.00 scholarship toward their 1st month tuition. You may also check scholarship information at arête.org and aaascholarship.org.


Q. When is the first day of school and what time does school begin and end? A. The first day of school is August 10th. School starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:26 p.m. (Monday – Thursday). Class ends at 2:09 p.m. on Fridays due to the Sabbath.


Q. What is the earliest that my child may arrive at school during the morning?

A. Students may arrive as early as 6:30 a.m. and report to the rear of the building to the cafeteria. The front doors will not be opened until 7:30 a.m.. Students arriving after 7:30 a.m. may report directly to the GYM (through the front doors of the school). No students will be allowed on the main hall before the 7:50 a.m. bell (students are not to report to their locker before 7:50 a.m.).


Q. What is the latest that my child may remain on school grounds after school is out.

A. We will have an after-care program in place. The program fee is $3.00 per day. If a child is not involved in the after-care program, the child will have to be off campus by 4:00 pm. We are improving in this area due to safety issues and the need to have 100% supervision of our students after school. More information pertaining to the afterschool programs will be submitted at a later date to ALL parents & students.


Q. Is there an after-school tutorial program?

A. Over the years we have had information distributed to parents concerning paid tutorials; however, we have not had enough participation to implement a paid tutorial program. Teachers offer free after school tutoring to students; however, this is at the discretion of the teachers.


Q. Do you have a STEM (science technology engineering & math) program at GAAA?

A. Yes we do. We are also seeking to continue improvement in this area. This upcoming school year we will have a STEM consultant (Dr. Valerie Bennett) working with our science teachers to implement our STEM program. More detailed information will be forwarded home during the month of August.

A. This school term we plan to offer STEM as an elective course on our campus.  The plan is to have the course taught by our science teacher.   We are also familiar with the change from STEM to STEAM (adding Art to the program).


Q. Who do I talk with about bus transportation and fees?

A. Information concerning bus transportation is located on the wall hanger in the foyer near the front entrance of the school. If you are interested in paying for bus transportation, please take care of this during the meeting when you pay your tuition fees. Transportation fees are $90.00 per month.


Q. Will we pick up textbooks & locks today? A. Textbooks, Lockers & Locks will be distributed by the classroom teachers during the first week of school.


Q. Are students allowed to check out books from the library?

A. Yes. We have a system in place where all students will receive a library card to check out barcoded books. We implemented this system two years ago and removed all outdated materials from the library. We are still in the process of increasing our library resources.


Q. Do I have to complete an immunization form for my child this year?

A. All immunization forms must be current in your student file.


Q. Who are the senior sponsors this year?

A. Senior sponsors are “normally” selected based on a rotation process of teachers. This selection will be done during teacher pre-planning days with collaboration from those teachers.


Q. Does my child have to have a physical done each year (A.D. info.)?

A. No, unless you are playing sports each year (sports players must have a physical every year). Our athletic director (Therron Coopwood) will be sending home and/or meeting with perspective athletes & parents during the onset of the school year.


Q. Do you have a home & school leader?

A. Yes. All parents will be forwarded a calendar of dates for the entire year.  You will be notified via e-mail about the first Home & School meeting.


Q. Do you have dual enrollment and if so what are the fees?

A. Yes (Perimeter College), we have dual enrollment

  •        Registration Fee – $761.00
  •       (One class Reg. fee – $715 & $325 per class, per semester)
  •       (Two classes Reg. fee  – $715 & $325 per class, per semester)
  •       (Three classes Reg. fee – $715 & $325 per class, per semester)


Q. Is a student allowed to audit a class?A. Yes (GAAA), Music (GAAA Choir)

  •        Registration Fee – $260.00
  •        Music Fee for Returning Student – $100.00
  •        Music Fee for New Male student – $200.00
  •        Music Fee for New Female student – $205.00


Q. How much is lunch? A. Lunch will be $4.50 (vegetarian meals).


Q. Do you have a vegan lunch option? A. No, not at this time.


Q. Will breakfast be served and what is the price? A. Breakfast will not be served due to the low numbers eating breakfast.


Q. Are students allowed to bring their lunch to school? A. Yes, however, students are not allowed to use the microwave in the teachers’ lounge. Student use of microwaves in a school is prohibited (not allowed) due to safety matters. Please plan accordingly…


Q. What is the attire for the first week?

  •       Wednesday, August 10, (Khaki pants and polo shirt) 
  •       Thursday, August 11, (Khaki pants and polo shirt)
  •       Friday August 12, (full dress uniform, blazer and tie)


Q. Where do I purchase school uniforms?

A. Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy has an account with Buckhead Uniforms Men’s Shop located at 6311 Roswell Road, Atlanta GA 30328.   Their contact number is 404-303-8600.   You may also visit Buckhead Uniforms at www.buckheaduniforms.com. If you contact Buckhead Uniform, please give them the school name and you will be informed of what the uniform requirements are for Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy. Also, a copy of the uniform requirements is located in the school packet provided for parents during the on-site registration process in the gym. Also, GAAA also has a collection of good used uniforms for a reasonable price. Please speak to Ms. Jeannette Lamb during school hours. She is also available from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday thru Thursday during the summer months.


Q. Will the students have ID pictures?

A. Yes, ID pictures are scheduled to be taken in August 22 2016 during the regular school hours.

Q. Are students required to do community service hours?

A. Yes, please see the community service form provided for you at the registration table.

Q. What happens if my child loses his or her textbook?

A. There is a procedure in place for textbook lost.   Your child will need to see the librarian if he or she loses their textbook. A $fee is associated with lost textbooks.