At Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy, students expand their understanding in all areas of content learning. Courses are organized according to the NAD curriculum standards, revised in 2005, which describes the knowledge and skills expected of students. Curriculum is also guided by the Georgia state academic standards that describe what students should have knowledge of by the time they complete a course. The latest courses added to our curriculum are AP English Literature & Composition and AP Calculus AB.

The development of curriculum has a two- fold purpose. It is designed to accelerate and enhance the learning experience of students and to incorporate the spiritual components of the SDA faith.

The NAD K-12 goals and essential elements include: acceptance to God, commitment to church, interpersonal relationships, responsible citizenship, healthy balanced living, intellectual development, communication skill, personal management, aesthetic appreciation, and career and service (1)

Lessons are designed to challenge students to become better communicators as they develop critical   reading and writing skills in all content areas. The goal is that reading should stimulate writing and writing should encourage reading. Additionally, lesson plans utilize methodologies that encourage student to think logically when learning and remembering new concepts.

Different strategies are used in the classroom to ensure that all students achieve academic success. At GAAA the curriculum encompasses an instructional approach to learning, student engagement as well as independent research.

Student engagement is accomplished through collaborative groups, content projects, reading and writing assignments, research projects as well as written responses from field trips.

For more curriculum information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 404-333-0606.

(1) NAD website.