College Prep

Senior Checklist

Senior year is finally here, and it’s full of things to do to get ready for college. Use this senior year checklist to keep track of your progress and upcoming deadlines for testing, admissions and financial aid.

  • If undecided about your major, take a career inventory test
  • Research & visit colleges that interest you
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask on campus visits
  • Talk with college students
  • Fill out the college comparison worksheet to clarify your options
  • Volunteer for activities or job shadow in a profession that interests you
  • Take the ACT or the SAT
  • Review ACT/SAT test results and retest if necessary
  • Talk to the registrar to make sure you are on track to graduate and fulfill college admission requirements
  • Keep working hard all year; second semester grades can affect scholarship eligibility & graduation
  • Ask for personal references from teachers, school counselors, or employers early in the year
  • Visit with admissions counselors who come to your high school
  • Attend a college fair
  • Begin your college essay
  • Apply for admission at the colleges you’ve chosen
  • Find out if you qualify for scholarships at each college you have applied to
  • Start the financial aid application process in January – FAFSA
  • Watch the mail for your Student Aid Report (SAR)—it should arrive four weeks after the FAFSA is filed
  • Keep track of and observe deadlines for sending in all required fees and paperwork
  • Keep track of important financial aid and scholarship deadlines