Do It Quickly Because…


And after the sop (the bread dipped) Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, that thou doest, do quickly/ John 13:27

Has someone ever done you something and you felt like just “letting him/her have it”?  Most of us have, probably at some time.  What happens when people provoke your fine Christian spirit?  Do you just “roll over and die” or do you respond in like fashion? Oh well!

 Jesus sat around the table with His team-members, the disciples. They had been with Him, walked with Him, battled the seas with Him, fed the five thousand, seen the miracles, and withstood the ridicule of the Pharisees.  Here was now a great opportunity for reflection, for bonding and sharing and humility at this Upper Room retreat.  Yet, all was not well.  In discipleship, something can happen.  It happened in heaven (Lucifer); it happened again in Eden (the serpent); it happened at the Last Supper (Judas) and you can bet it’s happening now too!  It’s part of the great controversy.  There’s always someone, thinking and ruminating on the verge of doubt, a quisling soul.  There is life before the sop, and life after the sop and the life before the sop determines the life after the sop.   Before the sop, there was a leaning, an indication which the treasury job (he carried the bag and dealt with the budget) hid, but the evidence was there, stark and clear—the concern of the sacrifice that Mary of Bethany made—“ this money could have been spent for better purpose”.  There was always an opportunity before the sop to change and to reform.  But “after the sop, Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus” that thou doest, do quickly” because…except that Jesus had little need to utter the word BECAUSE, since it was foretold what would happen.

        “Judas, you have been with me all this time; I trusted you, cared for you, cherished you, and permitted you to keep the books, but you have been two-faced, so since you are plotting, ‘go ahead and do what you have to do, and do it quickly (for Satan has entered your heart)’. Jesus confidently declares, “go and do what you have to do” BECAUSE “no weapon formed against me shall prosper, BECAUSE “fret not thyself because of evildoers, BECAUSE “commit that way unto the Lord, and He shall direct thy paths, BECAUSE” rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him”.   God’s promises are always true and He will carry you through, for it is the life before the sop that determines the conduct after.  “Do it quickly, BECAUSE…no weapon formed against me shall prosper”, and my Father in heaven has prepared a way of protection.