Just a reminder: School begins August 13!

1.   Registration Calendar

a.   July 15—First formal Sunday Registration

b.   July 22, a Sunday OPEN HOUSE, from 10:30-2:00 pm—information and sharing

c.    July 29, 2nd Formal Sunday Registration

d.   July 30-31, Registration Continues

e.   August 1-10, Additional Registration Costs—informal registration

2.   QUESTIONS ABOUT TEXTBOOKS—return to news note this Sunday, July 15

3.   QUESTIONS ABOUT UNIFORMS—see current website

4.   Draft Academic Schedule—coming up this Sunday


5.   New Curriculum Electives—available for all students—GAAA introduces Legal Studies and Leadership with Dr. Sylvan A. Lashley and Dr. Fern Clarke, assisted by other faculty and staff. Here’s the new legal studies book. http://store.streetlaw.org/street-law-textbook-ninth-edition/

6.   New Health Plan for Grade 9 Students—Coming UP