Florence, a Storm is Coming!

A GAAA Devotional, Sabbath, September 15, 2018

“Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble, but he shall be saved out of it”. Jeremiah 30:7

Dear Florence

Haven’t you heard, my child?  A storm is coming, again, full of fury and fire. Every eye shall see, and every ear shall hear, the ominous and thunderous rumblings.  He that has ears, let him hear, and he that has eyes, let him see. Tell your friends, please, oh please, Florence, that a storm is coming, and she’s in a bad mood, a ‘ripping and a-roaring. Get out of Dodge, now; don’t stay.  Never mind the house and car, and your precious possessions, where rust and moth, and stagnant water corrupt. Forget the false safety of the attic, for there’s no roof escape.  The outer bands are fast approaching; the pressure is dropping, and hurricane hunters are in the eye of the storm. Winds are howling, seas are wailing, and tides are rushing in.  Move on up, into the hinterland and be safe, ‘bro, for a storm is coming.

Didn’t you remember how she tried to get to Lot, in that storm of corruption, and the emergency team had to go in at the height of the storm and hurry him up out of the city into the mountains?  And don’t you recall Joseph, in that pit of a prison, and Daniel in that fire of a furnace, and Job, in the eye of a trial, and Noah in that big, venerable boat? So, Florence, don’t you let nobody turn you ‘round. There is a time of tribulation, that day of our Lord. We’ve got to be prepared for if it were possible, the very elect will be deceived.  So don’t try to out-run Florence, because you can’t.  Remember what happened to Adam, all safe in his garden.

        So Florence, gird up your loins, put on your breastplate of righteousness for the storm shall come like a thief in the night.  Girl, I am getting ready; I’ve got my storm manual, all 66 books of it.  I’ve got a Jesus podcast, and I’m in touch with “Heaven Central”, each day, at the top of the news hour.  I’m cool now Florence—no fuss, no fret, no fright, no flight, but just \faith, for with Christ in the vessel, we can smile at the storm. So, Florence, the Master of storms is here—the tempest is raging and the billows are tossing, every day now, but I’ve got a weather-man that’s never wrong.  Come on Florence, let’s celebrate with Jeremiah—“We shall be saved out of it”. .  Jesus is the rock in a weary land