by Bedminster King, 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

Berean Christian Junior Academy

As Shared with Dr. Sylvan Lashley, GAAA Principal

“The Effectual, Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Availeth Much”. James 5:16

 “Does God still bring the dead back to life?  In 1992, I worked at a hospital in Ontario, Canada. Working in the emergency room can be challenging, BUT rewarding, because there are many opportunities to share one’s faith. I saw God work many miracles, not just to save lives, but also to bring the knowledge of Him and His saving grace to many. I prayed often, sometimes several seasons of prayer daily for the people with whom I shared Christ.

One Sabbath evening, I had just finished reading “Incredible Answers to Prayer: How God intervened When One Man Prayed,” by Roger Morneau. At 4:30 pm, exactly one hour after starting my shift, I was on my way to transport a patient to his room on the seventh floor when I heard on the intercom, ‘Code 7’, used when a critical or life-threatening case arrived in the emergency room such as a gun-shot, suicide, car accident or heart attack. As part of the trauma team, I immediately made my way to the emergency room. Upon arriving there, I learned that the patient had suffered a massive heart attack while he was mowing his lawn with his 12-year-old son. The ambulance brought him to the emergency room.

The doctors tried desperately to save this 43-year-old Italian for over one hour. At one point, the they thought they had a pulse, but after several shocks to the heart had been administered, they gave the final diagnosis that he was “DOA” (Dead On Arrival). They told his waiting wife that her husband had died.  Meanwhile, I was standing in the patient’s room silently praying for him. After a half hour, the medical team departed, leaving the cleanup nurse and myself inside. I felt a compelling urge to pray more earnestly for the man. I didn’t know him, had never seen him before, but something within told me that I should pray and ask God to bring him back to life. My prayer was inaudible, for the nurse was still in the room cleaning the patient to prepare him for the morgue. The Holy Spirit urged me to my locker room and I prayed again audibly ending, “Lord, if you know that this man does not know who you are, then bring him back to life again, and I will do my best to tell him about you. Amen.”

I walked back to the room and silently repeated the prayer. When I returned, the nurse was still cleaning and the leads to the monitor were still attached to the man’s chest. I stood, pleading with God for the life of this man, as if he were my own father. A few minutes later a miracle happened. I looked at the monitor and noticed that it had suddenly come back to life. There was movement and something miraculous was happening! I shouted out to the nurse, pointing to the monitor, alerting her to the movement. Dumbfounded, she could not believe what was happening. She pressed the emergency button–doctors, nurses and the trauma team streamed back in.  Everyone was amazed at what had transpired, but I wasn’t, for I knew that God had performed a miracle and brought the dead man back to life. He did not suffer any brain damage due to a lack of oxygen to the brain for such a prolonged period of time. I shared with his wife that I had prayed for her, that he would live and not die.

 A few days after spending time in the ICU unit, the man was transported to the floor. Since I had previously shared with his wife that I had prayed for her husband, she did not hesitate to inform him as soon as she was able, that the reason he was alive was due to the fact that a Christian man in the emergency room had prayed for him. On learning about this, he wanted desperately to meet with me. A week after, I received word from nurses on the floor where he was admitted that an Italian man would not stop talking about a man in the emergency room. When we finally met, his exact words to me after hugging me and crying on my shoulder was, ‘I was an atheist. I did not believe in God, nor the Bible. I want to learn about this God. I believe I am alive because of you’. Not only, did this man believe and start studying the Bible, but through his testimony, another man on the same floor also was converted and requested Bible study. He accepted Christ shortly before dying two weeks later.  Yes, God still answers prayer, and brings the dead back to life. To Him be all the praise and glory”.

God still answers pray—why not join us today in praying for the impossible. “He Is Only a Prayer Away” says Yolanda Adams.

 -If you have lost a loved one, this message is for you.  We share with you also an excellent video on Lazarus’ Resurrection