Dear Parents, Students and Leaders:

I am far way today, savoring this Thanksgiving. I am giving thanks for many things today—for life, health, strength and even for the adversities that may come my way. I am singing, “Rejoice in the Lord Always…” Philippians 4:4. Today, please join me in rejoicing in several areas.

Rejoicing in Spirituality– Rejoicing in adversity is difficult—ask Job, Paul, Jonah and Peter. I saw Joseph in the pit, rejoicing; sold into slavery, rejoicing; escaping from Potiphar’s wife, rejoicing; in the bowels of the prison, rejoicing; as governor of Egypt—thank you Jesus, I am jumping for joy. Moses was in the bulrushes, smiling; promoted in Pharaoh’s court, singing; murdering a fellow-man, running, but praying; in the wilderness for 40 years, minding sheep, throwing his rod on the ground before Pharaoh—hurrah, I am jumping for joy. I am thus persuaded that rejoicing with benefits is preceded by rejoicing with adversity. I am stressed but blessed, disappointed but appointed, condemned but anointed, kept down, but elevated. My God is in every storm and every trial—it’s just for me to see Him, for now I see through a glass darkly but One Day, One Day, One Day. Sing with me now— “Rejoice, the Lord is King and give thanks. It’s Thanksgiving.

Rejoicing with Food–This last Sunday, the Berean Church hosted its annual Thanksgiving lunch at BCJA and GAAA. Treated to a sumptuous meal, the homeless and needy, those served and those who were serving were all blessed. Thanks you Mrs. Dozier and team. What a witness.

Rejoicing in Technology—Witnessing through Technology

GAAA/BCJA are using this Thanksgiving Season for “rejoicing in technology’ as the schools launch an integrated literacy program across the Metro Area, combining language, mathematics and technological literacy to form a digital community of learning and teaching. The school launches officially on December 5, at its Academy Day, its “Integrated Literacy” program for neighboring elementary schools, focused on technology and the unveiling of IPADS for student and teacher usage. That’s right—each student can access an IPAD with conditions, and with parental permission and school controls. GAAA/BCJA are taking learning to the next level, and inviting a partnership with all the Seventh-day Adventist schools in Metro Atlanta.

Rejoicing in Song—this term the choir has sung at Oakwood, several Adventist churches, several Sunday churches and will present its Christmas program on Sabbath December 1, and then again another afternoon program on December 8.

Rejoicing in Athletics–our teams are doing well at home and away games. We are rejoicing in that the basketball teams are all Texas-bound to Southwestern Adventist University for their national basketball competition.

Rejoicing in Supportive Parents—GAAA and BCJA have got the most supportive set of parents you ever could meet. They are here on Sundays, fathers and mothers to watch their kids practice. Some make pop-corn, and

others hot-dogs; they count money, and plan bus trips, attend class meetings and look over their kids’ homework. As a principal, I am rejoicing for supportive parents.

Rejoicing in School Spirit—We’ve got a great school with a good spirit and a hosts of activities—athletics, clubs, USM, choir trips. This November-December we have a number of field trips. Be sure to cash in on these trips.

Rejoicing with Students–And so, this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for all my students. I call by name and sometimes, we’ll step out, with parental permission, for a dinner. They are not perfect, but they are trying to be the best. They may slip and fall at times, but a slip and fall does not a cripple make. That is where we come in—we are here to help and support them in life’s journey. Our students are the leaders of the future. We are preparing them as we make our exit and they make their entrances. Happy Thanksgiving!


Sylvan Lashley

Sylvan Lashley, Principal

Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy/Berean Christian Junior Academy