I will look unto the hills; from whence cometh my help.  Psalm 121:1-2.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you truly wondered what to do next and where to turn?   Have you gotten to end of your proverbial rope, and been at your wit’s end?  There comes a time when answers are unclear and paths uncharted.   You have done the research, calculated the odds, examined the options and gone to the best doctors.  There are decisions to be made, resolutions, promises, career choices and a multitude of pathways, beckoning.   That famous ditty sounds, “and now the end is here, I’ll lift the final curtain; I’ll do it my way”.   Oh, really, you will?

I pictured our psalmist, looking round about, probably weary from battle, but headed toward Jerusalem.  He could see the city now, through the lifting fog of his mind’s eye. There was the temple atop Mt. Moriah and the ark sitting on Mt. Zion. He had climbed past a couple of lower hills now in this song of ascents, in places where apostate recalcitrant fools had laid up idols in high places, their images of stone and wealth and fortune, their reliance on societal and political structures, on race, socio-economic status, class and money in the bank, worthless gods now.  The more astute had banked additionally on lifestyle, diet, and liturgy, hoping for the very best outcomes.  There comes a time in the life of a man, when all becomes naught, and he is left with himself alone, in a dark and solitary place.

It is at this moment that David reaches deep within. Although the original affirmative Hebrew text carries no punctuation marks, the context begs the double interrogative-rhetorical; he asks two questions and then answers himself. “Will I look up unto the hills of Moriah and Zion? From where does my help come?”.  Lord, I have tried everything, done everything; I am at the end of my rope Jesus–what’s next?”.   There is that deafening silence, that space and seemingly empty void for just a split millisecond, before the answers come booming back, “my help comes from God”, the God, not only of the vales, the hills and the mountains, but the God of the stratosphere and the high heavens.  At the start of this new year, we have a God on whom we can depend, a strong tower, a rock, a refuge in the time of storm, for He will “not suffer my foot to be moved” and shall give His angels charge to keep me in all my ways.  Today, I am so encouraged. I can see the mountains of the new year looming, but I am looking heavenward. I return to work with a zestful youthfulness and energy, for although evil was about to overwhelm me, He has preserved my soul.  Truly, my help comes from the Lord and from no other place or person or thing. So, step outside and  look up, way up, past the hills.  https://youtu.be/k47xB8eoT5g