the BCDC, the BCJA and the GAAA—ONE NAVY

As it was in 1492, so might it be in 2019


Welcome to 2019, the new year of the “three ships”. This “three ship theme” harks back 527 years to the time of Columbus and his discussions with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain. Whereas everyone argued that the world was flat, Columbus argued that it was round. As the story goes, he got three ships, the Santa Maria, the Nina and the Pinta, and together with some brave sailors, set sail for the New World, hoping to find a new and shorter route to China and India for the purpose of trade. It had never been attempted before, and there was much foreboding as they set forth. Such it is with new starts, whether it be new voyages, the advent of the printing press, the cotton gin, Edison’s light bulb, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, or the Digital Age. In 1492, the new ships left for the New World and the rest has been history. As it was in 1492, so might it be in 2019.

This year we have three ships—the BCDC, the BCGA and the GAAA. We have a brave, fearless crew, and some resolute passengers. We are setting out from a seashore to a horizon. Our world will never be the same again. We must seek the best passage, in a new digital and electronic divide. We must forge new ways, and seek new horizons. To remain stationary, marching “left-right” at the same place, exerts much effort, but goes no place. We invite parents, and benefactors to collaborate, as we point these ships in some new directions, for one must conceptualize the horizon in order to navigate and plan the journey. We are convinced that technology and the digital revolution will be the bedrock of all future jobs and learning.

Technology—Elevate technology in the number of credits required for graduation with at least 3 years in high school and with a K-8 preparation.

Health—Require more than one term of health, adopted across the curriculum as a lifestyle choice with at least 3 years required for high school graduation completion and an emphasis from pre-K-8.

Legal-Oratorical-Leadership—we advocate for a new civics focusing on legal and leadership knowledge with emphases on speech and oratory.

Service to Others—Lastly, we focus on work-study programs as part of an academic preparation as we prepare our youth for a different future driven by spiritual values, and a strong work ethic—occupational identity.


This belated program permits each GAAA and BCJA student as well as guests from SDA Metro-school Atlanta 8th graders (upon choice), teachers, parents, and church member to access IPADS for their students and themselves. At a cost of less than the normal monthly service charges for internet usage, students, teachers, parents and church members will be able to utilize special GAAA-BCJA IPADS for interactive learning without the additional costs of purchasing hardware. As part of its emphasis on technology and digital citizenship, GAAA/BCJA have embarked on a journey. Several steps were planned and begun much earlier as part of our Technology Master Plan and the following phases below are occurring simultaneously:

1. Phase 1—Hardware–Upgrade the campus WI-FI System continuously—we have increased access points to improve connectivity, migrated IP addresses from 254 to 15,000, and run fiber-optic cable from Pre-K to grade 12 across all buildings. We have provided throughout the campus devices that can boost speed and handle up to 64 users per device. This build-out is continuous now to increase band-width, identify dead communication spots and ensure that students can use three or more devices as needed—laptops, watches, IPADS, etc. We continue our lab upgrades

The three ships will be driven by technology and not by wind in the sails

2. Phase 2—Curriculum–Provide online teaching and learning capability both in the Cloud and by internal WI-FI—

a. the campus uses Moodle to teach any class online and can handle 500 users based in the Cloud—this system goes up to the internet or to WI-FI.

b. The campus has access to Robot technology using our local Wi-Fi to broadcast real time classes to groups of home-schoolers in at least 15 other locations. The robots use our WI-FI system.

c. The provision of IPADS will tie both online delayed and real-time capabilities together and go directly to the internet as well as the in-house WI-FI

d. We believe that every student should graduate also with a certificate in technology at varying levels of proficiency.

3. Phase 3—Business Linkages–Bring together several companies to advise GAAA/BCJA/BCDC on a total school technology build-out. To that end we are working with Sprint, Moonami Inc, Apple, Konica-Minolta, an E-rate company, and Verizon in different capacities.

4. Phase 4—Financing–Launch a $six figure Technology Fund as part of the overall endeavor for continuous support in technological capital development.

Academic Support Systems—BCJA on the march this 2019

As part of its drive this new year, BCJA is strengthening its academic support systems through the provision of an on-staff reading specialist, a specialist in exceptional learning and Title 1 support staff (from the state). Together this team will begin to initiate pull-out sessions for some students to initiate and monitor progress in areas of challenge. Other students may also access portions of the high school curriculum, when ready.

So Proud of my GAAA Students—Legal Knowledge, a Necessity

I am so proud of my GAAA Upper school who have embraced Legal Studies in the law studies/leadership sequence. I listened with interest as students grappled with the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, the First Amendment Protections and the Fourth Amendment stipulations. I listened to them talk about case law on race, speech, and search/seizure, the major elements of a contract and the discussion of crimes. Ultimately, America is a country of laws, and students must be conversant, then command the oratorical skill and speech to communicate their knowledge.

Work-Study Emphases—Every student a job in 2019

Our thrust in 2019 is to encourage and develop a working student and to improve the grant allocations from work from the present $78,000 to $100,000.00 by September 2019. Students work on campus and at a Retirement Center after school and also spot work, reading for adults. Yet, other older students work in the fast food industry, after school and on weekends. We salute this world of work.

THE GAAA-BCJA-BCDC Brand Thesaurus

The song says, “Get on board, little children”. We say, “get on board, folks—we’re crossing this ocean of a year. We have repainted, retooled, recharged, rehearsed, reviewed, reinvented, and REBRANDED”.



Just cash-app us at $bcjaschool or $gaaasch or send a check to any of the three schools to our address: 401 Hamilton E. Holmes Drive NW, Atlanta GA 30318.

See us at or today or just call (404) 799-0337 to write to the principal at or text to (470) 725-0486 and he WILL respond.


Newsletter #6 BRAVE NEW YEAR-02

Newsletter #6 BRAVE NEW YEAR-02