God is my refuge and fortress; I will trust in Him (Psalm 91:2)

I am convinced that each of us gets to be fourteen ever so often. “Why me, Oh God? Why me? I read my Bible daily, give offerings, say my memory verses, and have not missed a single communion. Why not somebody else? Why me?” I echoed these words on the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla, where I lived with my parents—my father, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, was at the Conference Executive Committee in another island, when tragedy struck.

That morning, my mother said, “go up to the hospital and see how your sister is doing”. So, I wended my way to check on my little sister. Then it happened—the little old lady at the door said, “boy, your sister dead, she dead. Go and tell your Mammy”. I turned, disconsolate, to return home. I could see my mother now, waiting for me on the distant verandah. I approached quietly, head down, not daring to look up. “Boy, how is your sister? Boy, don’t you hear me talking to you? I said, ‘how is your sister?’ I looked up, and before I could speak, Mom started to scream and holler, and to holler and scream–my little baby sister had passed. Now we had to call my Dad and tell him, and I said “not me”. So she did and he took the next plane back. In those days, in that island, there was no long-stay morgue really, so my mother and I did the funeral like we saw my father do it, and I sprinkled the dirt and then they turned the sod, and my Mom did the eulogy and the first elder was there at the Sandy Ground burial place.

The doctors sent my mum on a six-month rest to another island to my grandmother’s, with my sister and little baby brother. At 14, I had to run the house. What do you do when tragedy strikes and you are only 14? That tragedy impacted me—I had to repeat the 12th grade—I was only 14 so I got out of 12th grade at 15, much wiser than I had gone in. What do you when tragedy strikes? Here’s what you do:

Help–Look beyond the hills—God is your help in every tragedy Ps 121:1-2

Restoration–The Lord is my shepherd; He restores my soul. Ps 23

Surround Sound–The angel of the Lord surrounds those that fear Him” Ps 34:7

Protection–God is my refuge and fortress…in Him will I trust”. Ps 91:2

Aquatic Power–When I pass through the waters, God is with me…” Isaiah 43:2

Missiles–“No weapon formed against me shall prosper…” Isaiah 54:17

Keep a word in your heart and treasure these words daily. Tragedy may be personal, social, spiritual, physical or emotional, but “He will command His angels…to guard you in all your ways”. Ps 91:11. When you are 14 and tragedy strikes, what do you do? You take it to the Lord in prayer for no weapon formed against you shall prosper. God bless! https://youtu.be/JJYFWWcTsr4

Devotional–When Tragedy Strikes -02

Devotional–When Tragedy Strikes -02