“Up from Egypt” harks back to Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery. This is black history month, and there are parallels between God’s promise to Abraham, to make him a great nation, and God’s promise to each of us. The children of Israel spent 400 years in Egypt in slavery and yet God’s promise was not extinguished. They then spent another 40 years in the wilderness before entering Canaan. We too had our bout of enslavement from 1609-1865 in the Caribbean and the Americas. We have been plucked as a brand from the burning because of God’s promise to us to make us a great people and a great nation. That promise, I believe is both corporate and individual.

We have been slaves to sin from birth, but thank God we are moving up from slavery to the freedom of the gospel. Booker T. Washington advocated work and industrial education as the way to social parity, thus Oakwood University (as a work-study institution) was founded in 1896, and the Tuskegee Institute earlier in 1881, followed by our schools in the Caribbean, the now University of the Southern Caribbean (1927) and Northern Caribbean University (1919). W.E.B. Dubois advocated for the vote, and higher education as his proposal for social and racial parity. Martin Luther King, Jr., advocated for a vision of equality in August 1963, and President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights bill on July 2, 1964. Since then, several legal measures have come into play. Ellen G. White reminds us that God has a plan for each of us, in our “Up from Egypt” and “Up from Slavery” quests, for “higher than the highest thought can reach is God’s ideal for His children…true education is more than the pursual of a certain course of study”. It has to do with character formation.

Yet, we are reminded that despite all that man designs and legislates, it is God’s grace and saving power, embedded in our hearts that makes all the difference. What is your dream? What is your vision today? Lift every voice and sing. https://youtu.be/MyS3HPInHtI