Matthew 9:20—“She touched the hem of his garment”.

Today is Christmas.  Christ was born around this time.  We use the moment to spread joy and peace through our witness as Seventh-day Adventists Christians. I am thankful for Christian Seventh-day Adventist Education.

In 1970, at a tender age, I sat on the edge of the piano stool in her college office, ready for my piano lesson.  She looked across, paused and asked me what I was going to do when I graduated.  I responded that I was going to get a job and make lots of money. She asked whether that was all. It got me thinking. The next day, I made a decision that I would work for the Seventh-day Adventist church, and I have since 1974 continuously.  A few weeks after she spoke to me, she decided to take a vacation with her family and left the country—she asked me to stay at her house, water the plants and feed the dog. Why was this lady leaving me at my tender teen age in her huge, mansion on a hill?  She trusted me and because of that I began to gain confidence. Last week I called my teacher, Zenobia Davis, now over 95 years of age, and living in Orlando. I thanked her profusely. She said, “Never mind”.   She let me touch the hem of her garment. This is what Adventist Education is about.  It is about teachers, trailing garments, and students touching them so that they can become more than what they ever dreamt they could become. We see our students as they are, imperfect in ways, but hoping for them gain something more when they touch the hem of our garments, by faith, for we have touched the hem of Jesus’ garments.

Hems get touched every day when students interact with us through speech, thought, action and word.  That is why they come to our schools, to gain that steady influence and to touch the hem of our garments.

Just select at least one student and let your garment trail, a garment of example, of hope, trust and scholarship.  Other schools have everything, but if teachers don’t have garments, then students have nothing to touch!