“And, behold, a woman, who was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind Him, ad touched the hem of His garment” (Matt 9:20).

The colloquial phrase, “you’ve got issues” might well be attributed personally to each of us.  Truly, we’ve all got issues of one kind or another. They peg away at our energies daily and can sap our vitals at work or at home. It’s not the issues that we have that matter, but how we deal with them to develop coping mechanisms.  Issues abound—social, emotional, personal, probably spiritual, scholastic, financial, and the list continues ad infinitum. Sometimes, issues hang around for several years as we seek to resolve them, and even after we’ve spent our money on doctors, psychologists, lawyers, consultants, counselors and the like, we are broke, and the issues still remain.

        A long time ago, there was a woman back in New Testament times who suffered from the menstrual flow of menorrhagia for twelve years.  The flows were abnormal and long. She spent all her substance on doctors to no avail.      She became a social and religious outcast, and couldn’t go into the temple to pray—she’d stop going to church. She became the “unclean” one, and everyone knew about her issue, so that she was likely shunned because you became unclean by touching her–no hormone treatment was available.  Sometimes, when you’ve got an issue, people give you the silent treatment and judge you accordingly, and your self-concept takes a beating.

        In her abject poverty and humiliating desperation, she joined the multitude of the throng that followed Jesus, hoping somehow that He would heal her.  She could not approach Him openly, so she did so in her own private manner. She figured that if she could get close to Him, and just but touch Him or his clothing somehow, it might make a difference. What faith! He was her last straw and her best hope of recovery from this malignant tumor of a disease that was going to take her down in her older age. Desperate situations call for desperate measures—she had little to lose and so much to gain.  So what do you really do when you’ve got issues whether personal, private, public, or even institutional? Recognize and identify the issues; establish an active recovery plan—seek help in the right places; don’t give up or give in; take it to the Lord in prayer for God has called you and the sin-driven issues cannot conquer you. All is not lost; everyone has issues of one kind or another. If you’ve got issues, God can give you the tissues of His goodness and His power.  “Lord, please give me some tissues for my issues”.

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