Dear Board Members, Parents, Teachers and Students

“He will deliver and rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease” (New Living Translation, Psalm 91.3).

Please receive this notice from GAAA in consultation and collaboration with higher authorities of conference and state:

  1. Class CancellationsGAAA will notbe holding classes this Friday, March 13 and on Monday, March 16.  Classes will continue from Wednesday and Thursday, March 11 and 12, and then again from March 17 onward.


  1. Event Cancellations—we regret any inconvenience suffered
  2. There will be no ExPo 2020 this coming Sabbath and Sunday as earlier planned (as per the Office of the Superintendent of the South Atlantic Conference)
  3. GAAA has cancelled all field trips including picnic days, the choir tour in April, and the Senior class trip in May, etc.until  further notice, in the interest of precautionary health and safety


  1. Individual student situationsif there is a predisposing situation that any specific student faces that might impact school attendance, that parent may contact the principal of GAAA or BCJA as relevant, with a written notice and request for accommodation.


  1. SanitizingIn consonance with the GAAA preparation themes of “Reporting, Sanitizing, Monitoring, Forecasting and Praying”, GAAA/BCJA have retained D&O Cleaning Company from Thursday evening to Friday afternoon and again over the weekend until Monday to conduct a specific, specialized deep cleaning of the plant.