Dear Parent and Students

GAAA continues to work with the South Atlantic Conference, and all secular and other SDA church authorities to enhance teaching and learning within the new context of social distance.  We are pleased to offer you the most modern distance education services and platforms. Today, we upgraded from version 3.2 to 3.8 of Moodle, our Learning Management System, used by several universities, including the Adventist Andrews University, and the federal government. Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System based on the Cloud and maintained without the need for a GAAA server. The new features, completed a few hours ago, will allow us to plug into automatically to Zoom,, Google classroom and Schoology. We are going to provide an Orientation Manual (draft attached) and live sessions for both parents and students shortly, especially 9th graders. Stay tuned and please receive the following attachments to guide you

Remember, that we are starting from what we know and that which we have been using.  Each student already has a GAAA IPAD and we have surveyed all parents to determine Internet presence.  Let us know, perchance, if you don’t have internet access at this time, so that we can arrange for you to get a hotspot from XFinity.   

Attachment 1–Expanded version of this letter, providing further detail

Attachment 2–Strategies for Successful Transitioning to Online Learning

Attachment 3–GAAA Distance Education Framework (the 5 P’s)–how we structure our Online work weekly—Praise/Prayer, Prepare, Practice, Ponder, Prove

Attachment 4–Our Revised Orientation Manual-for parents and students

Distance Education Bulletin-02B DOC

Distance–Orientation Manual-02 DOC

Distance Education Bulletin-02B DOC

Distance–CrossDots 5 Strategies for Success PDF