“Abram…pursued them …and he brought back all the goods…and also his brother Lot and his goods as well as the women and the people”. (Genesis 14)

Lot was in deep trouble. He’d already taken what he thought was the “best part of the land” and settled in Sodom.  Now the king of Sodom was in the midst of a war in the “battle of the Kings” with the likely prospect that Lot could be captured and become a lifelong slave.   Yes, Lot was captured and detained and all the inhabitants of Sodom.

 Abram heard, acted, counted and gathered his small household and went out to fight to deliver Lot.  He succeeded, after attacking by night in strategic and timely fashion, chased the armies, freed Lot, didn’t take a penny, and gained the respect of the nations around.

We like Lot have chosen what we think are the best pastures of ease and comfort. We have our jobs, our houses, social security to come, cash$app, Zelle, a  family and possibly a health plan. Occasionally, in the midst of comfort and ease, imminent destruction and calamity descend upon us and we feel as if we are held captive by our circumstances.  That’s when God steps in, and frees us.  We don’t have to call on Him; He knows and sees our plight and steps in to deliver us. So whatever your plight or circumstances may be,  adopt a certain attitude that God will always deliver us in His own way and in His own time.