“Wherefore brethren, give diligence to make your calling and
election sure” (2 Peter 1:10).
It’s the still quiet of the morning hour, and the loud silence makes
more poignant the admonition to “make our calling and election sure”. Pre-
election pundits and post-election analysts have had their sway. Voting in
America is a fundamental right and privilege, open to all, although the
protest and the struggle to activate that which is fundamental has been
annotated by legal decisions and historical events. What is has not always
been permissible and has come through vocal action in the periphery.
Today, we have a better election, a fundamental right and privilege
established from the foundation of the world. God has called us unto His
salvation, through His own sacrifice, glory and goodness (2 Peter 1:3),
selecting us for a place in His kingdom. All that we have to do is to go to the
poll station to cast our vote, and nothing should hinder us. As we trudge up
to vote, look not to the right or the left, for nothing should deter, neither
priest, prelate, pundit nor publican, from the true Word of God. Our calling
and election are therefore sure. To do that, we must pursue godly virtues of
goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, love and brotherly love
one to another. God has given us all the resources in these COVID times to
get to the polling booths of salvation and grace. He awaits us with
outstretched hand, as the chief polling officer, standing at the door. As you
wend your way to the booth, we are assured of God’s grace, for it is the vote
of the heart that guides the feet to walk in the light, so that you can prepare
for the fight, with the goal in full sight.
I’d like to think that Adventist education is part of the voting
apparatus. Alas, some booths may appear to be ancient and bereft of the
latest gadgets, yet within that polling booth lies miraculous power ushered in
by the Divine, for all booths that glitter may not be pure gold, tried in the
fire of adversity and tempered by the heat of the process. Booth attendants
are called upon to be exemplary and circumspect, to impart the Word to
young voters, in and out of season, and to leave upon them an indelible
impression of God’s character. Together, parents, teachers and students are
selected to make their calling and election sure, for the end of time is nearer
and the great vote has begun, the choice between good and evil, between
this party and that party, between eternal life and ending death of more
than just life and limb, but the soul itself, for what shall it profit a man if he
gains the whole and loses his own soul?