Graduation Requirements

Grade Requirements

Subject Credits Required
English 4
Math 4
Science 4
Social Studies 3
Computer Applications I 1
Languages 2
Fine Art 1
Health and PE 1
Electives 3
Bible 4  or less (must have one Bible credit per year of attendance)
Total Credits Possible 23 – 27

Required Courses

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
English I English II English III English IV
Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Pre-calculus or Calculus
Physical Science Biology/Chemistry Anatomy & Physiology Physics
Health/Fitness World History American History Government/Economics
Computer Applications Personal Finance Spanish I Spanish II
Bible I Bible II Bible III Bible IV
Elective* Elective* Elective* Elective*


*Elective courses available include the following:  Graphic Arts, Art, Choir, Handbells, Orchestra, Aviation Science, Personal Finance, Video Production and Drama.

 **The graduation requirements listed are in tandem with the Southern Union Office of Education and the State of Georgia.

***The final student schedule of classes will be based on transcript evaluation.

Include in graduation requirements: Personal Finance; Environmental Science or Anatomy & Physiology in the 11th grade or 12th grade

iii. Physics/Physical Science—in the 12th grade

iv. Freshman

1. English 1

2. Algebra 1

3. Health/Fitness

4. Spanish I

5. Computer Applications

6. Biology

7. Elective*

v. Sophomore

1. Spanish II

2. English II

3. Geometry

4. Chemistry

5. World History

6. Personal Finance

7. Bible II

8. *Elective _______________

vi. Junior

1. English III

2. Algebra II

3. Environmental Science

4. American History

5. Bible III

6. Elective

7. Spanish I

8. _________________________

vii. Senior

1. Physics/Physical Science

2. English IV

3. Pre-Calculus or Calculus

4. Government/Economics

5. Bible IV

6. Elective

7. Anatomy & Physiology

8. Spanish II

9. Senior Seminar