Our Principal’s Message

Dr. Sylvan Lashley

Dr. Sylvan Lashley is the principal of the academy, as of March 1, 2017.

His Story

Dr. Lashley previously served in the Northeastern Conference (New York and the New England states) as superintendent of 17 Seventh-day Adventist schools, after having served as president of three Seventh-day Adventist colleges in the Caribbean (Jamaica and Trinidad) and in the United States (Massachusetts). Dr. Lashley earlier served previously as a principal of a 600-pupil high school, a Dean of Students, an academic vice-president, Dean of a Business School and an interim president. Additionally, he has taught online for the University of Phoenix, Northeastern University in Boston and Andrews University in topics such as Ethnicity and Race, Higher Education Law and K -12 Education law and Enrollment/Marketing Management.

He is denominationally certified as an Administrator and a history teacher, and also has certification in the state of Michigan. Dr. Lashley holds earned degrees beyond the Bachelor’s degree (History & Education majors, Minors: English, Music) in History (MA), in Business (an MBA) and in Education Administration (Ed.D.) from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. He also holds law degrees respectively in Education Law (MEL—Special Education Law and Copyright law) and a JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence) from the University of New Hampshire Law School and the Massachusetts School of Law.

Our Principal’s Vision

His vision for the school is to rebrand it as an academy of Law, Humanities and STEM–science, technology, engineering, mathematics, undergirded by a strong Seventh-day Adventist Christian philosophy of work and study and witnessing that seeks partnerships with higher education institutions to permit students to complete the 12th grade with at least one year of college. Dr. Lashley is an advocate for emerging student populations and groups to become leaders in an increasing inclusive and global world.

Dr. Lashley is married to Rosita Erlinda Young and they have three adult children. His office and his phone at (470) 725-0486 have merged into one and the same.

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