School of Excellence

School of Excellence

GAAA Recognized as School of Excellence

Adventist EDGE is a Southern Union initiative for the comprehensive improvement of Adventist Education; this initiative has a component for advancing to the level of School of Excellence, which had a total of thirty-three (now it is thirty-eight) very specific criteria to be achieved. GAAA, with conference and Southern Union approval, embarked upon taking our schools to that level in 2009.

Right away, the schools diligently began preparations to accomplish the task. On Wednesday and Thursday, March 16th & 17th, two evaluation teams, composed of five educators per team, visited the campus to evaluate our progress. Based on their findings, both institutions received affirmation and have been designated as Schools of Excellence. GAAA is the first high school in all of Southern Union to receive this distinction as a School of Excellence.

GAAA is striving continually to reach the highest standard and to make our school all that God would have it to be. Another successful venture was to raise the bar and become SACS/Advance Ed accredited. We were able to make this a reality last year at the time we received AAA accreditation.

We celebrate this combined team effort and we thank you, our supportive church family, parents, pastors, and others who have been instrumental in making these major undertaking come to fruition. We praise God, without whom it couldn’t have happened!